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Type: Resource Production
Required resources 32 Logs
55 Stones and
32 Iron
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A blacksmith can make new tools. Citizens need tools to do any work other than carrying goods from place to place.

If a citizen doesn't have a tool, they will work much slower and resource production will be severely limited. The more work that is done with a tool, the faster it will wear out and need replacing.

When the blacksmith is low on the materials needed to make tools, he or she will travel to the nearest stock pile that has them and bring them back to the building. the blacksmith will then craft tools.

After the tools have been made, the blacksmith or a general laborer will pick up the tools and store them in the nearest storage barn.

Clicking on a blacksmiths building will show the current inventory and other details.

The Tool Limit control sets the tool resource limit. Once the limit is reached, no more tools will be produced.

The blacksmith can make two kinds of tools. You can change the type of tool produced by selecting a different item using the production button.

Iron Tools require logs and iron to make.
Steel Tools require logs, iron and coal to make. They last twice as long as iron tools.
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Pressing the work button will disable or enable the crafting of tools at the building.