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Boarding House
Boarding House.png
Type: Housing
Required resources 100 Logs
45 Stones
Boarding house footprint.png

A boarding house is meant for temporary housing. After a disaster occurs, or even when nomads arrive in the town, you may need a place for the displaced people to live until you can build more houses or repair damaged ones.

Boarding houses work in the same way as wooden houses and stone houses, except they can house five families at a time. Each boarding house uses as much fuel as a single wooden house.

Citizens will live in a boarding house if it's the only place they can find shelter. Otherwise they prefer to have their own home, as it makes them happier. Young people ready to move out of their parents house won't move into a boarding house.

When there is no fuel to heat a home, or no food for the occupants to eat, status icons will appear above the home.

Hungry.png There is no food in the home.
Cold.png There is no fuel in the home for heating.

When either icon appears, you should focus on producing more food or fuel as starvation and freezing may occur.

Clicking on a boarding house will show all occupants and inventory.

Pressing one of the focus buttons will move the view to the selected citizen and show their details.

Boarding house detail.png