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Type: Town Services
Required resources 1 Stone
(per unit of length)

A cemetery is used as a resting place for citizens that have passed away. When a citizen dies, if there is room, a grave will appear in the cemetery. Cemeteries are variable sized - you can have large cemeteries with many graves, or small plots wherever you like.

When a citizen dies, their children and spouse lose happiness. If a spot for a grave in a cemetery is available, the happiness loss won't be as severe. This happiness loss will be recovered over time if the citizen is in a happy environment.

Tombstones will decay after many years, allowing reuse of a full cemetery. Care must be taken in placement of a cemetery. If a cemetery is removed, the tombstones will remain and decay naturally. Only then can the area be used for other purposes.

Citizens living near a cemetery will get a slight happiness boost.

Clicking on a cemetery will show how many graves are in the cemetery and the maximum number of tombstones. Cemetery detail.png