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While a town is growing, disasters may occur that set back the towns growth. However, much of the destruction caused can be mitigated through careful preparation.


If there isn't enough food for all the citizens to eat, some of them may starve and die. This can be avoided by keeping large reserves of food as well as having a variety of methods for food preparation, such as hunting, gathering, fishing, growing crops, growing fruit and nut trees, and raising livestock in pastures.


In towns supported by farming, crop fields and orchards may be seriously affected by weather. If it becomes too cold too early in the year, crops may be destroyed. These crops can be harvested early, or you can make sure the town has other sources of food as well as extra reserves.


If there isn't enough firewood or coal to heat homes, some of the citizens may freeze to death. This can be avoided by building wood cutters that are supplied by foresters. Stone homes can be used instead of wood homes to reduce the fuel needs, as they use less fuel for heating.

Citizens that take long walks outside in the winter may also freeze to death. These citizens can avoid dying by having warm clothes produced by a tailor


Crop fields, pastures, and orchards can develop pest infestations. Nearby fields that are growing the same crop or raising the same animal may become infected once a pest infestation breaks out.

When infestations do occur, you can harvest crops early, or move animals to other pastures. After the infestation has passed, changing the crop or animal that is grown in a field will reduce the chance of a recurrence.


Citizens that are in poor health have a higher chance of developing sickness than citizens in good health. Good health can be maintained through a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats. if a good diet cannot be attained, herbalists can collect herbs that will help increase health and make up for the poor diet.

If a sickness does occur, hospitals can be used to reduce the spread and length of the disease. Trade with merchants as well as inviting nomads into a town can temporarily increase the chance of disease.


Very rarely, a tornado may form and move across the landscape. They can destroy crops and buildings, and kill livestock and citizens. You can prepare boarding houses in preparation of a disaster like a tornado. They can house families temporarily while the town is rebuilt.


Fires may break out in a town from time to time. If a fire does break out, citizens will carry water from the nearest source to reduce the time the fire burns, and hopefully keep it from spreading to nearby buildings.

In areas far away from rivers, streams, and lakes, wells can be built as a water source to put out fires quickly.


Disaster detail.png

If a building is damaged by a fire or tornado, you can decide to either rebuild or tear down the building. Clicking on the building will show details of the damaged building.

You can rebuild the building by pressing the Rebuild button. The building will be torn down, a few construction materials will be reclaimed, and the building will be rebuilt by builders.