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Fishing Dock
Fishing Dock.png
Type: Food Production
Required resources 30 Logs
16 Stones
Fishing dock footprint.png

A fishing dock can be built on the edge of a lake or river to allow fishermen to catch fish in the water.

Once a fisherman catches enough fish to fill his or her inventory, they'll return the fish to the nearest storage barn.

Clicking on a fishing dock will show its details.

The Food Limit control sets the food resource limit. Once the limit is reached, no more food will be produced.

Pressing the work button will enable or disable work at the fishing dock. If work is disabled no fishermen will attempt to catch fish at the building.

Having more than one fishing dock close together will briefly increase the amount of fish caught, but will eventually make them extinct due to overfishing in the same area, greatly hindering food gathering in the long run.

Fishing dock detail.png