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Forester Lodge
Forester lodge.png
Type: Resource Production
Required resources 32 Logs
12 Stone
Forester lodge footprint.png

A Forester Lodge defines an area where foresters will plant and later chop down mature trees, making logs.

It may take many years for an area maintained by foresters to produce a good amount of logs, but once established, it's a great way to avoid clear cutting the forest.

If a few trees remain in an area not maintained by foresters, the forest will still grow naturally. Trees will die, and seeds will take root to grow into new trees. This process, however, takes more time, and the forests are less full than an area with a forester lodge.

Clicking on a forester lodge will show its details.

Pressing the cut button will disable or enable the cutting of mature trees. When trees are cut, foresters will return the logs to the nearest stock pile.

Pressing the plant button will disable or enable the planting of new saplings.

Forester lodge detail.png

The Log Limit control sets the log resource limit. Once the limit is reached, no more logs will be produced.