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Hunting Cabin
Hunting Cabin.png
Type: Food Production
Required resources 34 Logs
12 Stones
Hunting cabin footprint.png

A hunting cabin can be placed in an open area where wild animals roam. Hunters will search the area around the cabin in search of animals. In addition to providing meat, hunters use the animals hide for leather which can be turned into clothing by a tailor.

Wild animals generally avoid areas of civilization, so it's best to place hunting cabins away from town.

Once a hunter kills an animal, they'll return the meat and leather to the nearest storage barn.

Clicking on the hunting cabin will show its details.

The Food Limit control sets the food resource limit. Once the limit is reached, no more food will be produced.

Pressing the work button will enable or disable work at the hunting cabin. If work is disabled, no hunters will attempt to shoot wild game near the building.

Hunting cabin detail.png