Banished Wiki

The lower right hand of the screen displays the game interface. this menu is used to place and remove objects, view tools and reports, and control the speed of the simulation. Selecting a button on the menu will show a sub menu of additional options.

When using any tool, clicking the right mouse button will cancel the current operation.

Main toolbar.png

Simulation speed.png Simulation speed: Speed up, slow down, or pause the game.
Tools.png Tools and Reports: Show status bars, tools, event log, map and jobs.
Housing.png Homes and Housing: Build homes and boarding houses.
Roads.png Roads and Bridges: Build roads, bridges and tunnels.
Storage.png Storage, Markets and Trade: Build storage areas, markets, and trading posts.
Services.png Town Services: Build services to increase happiness and efficiency.
Food.png Food Production: Create areas and buildings for food production.
Resources.png Resource Production: Construct buildings to produce various goods.
Removal.png Removal and Destruction: Remove buildings, trees, rocks, and roads.
Options.png Options: Show the pause menu. Save, load, and change game options.