Banished Wiki
Type: Resource Production
Required resources 40 Logs
68 Stone

Resources.png Rarr.svg Mines.png A Mine is used to dig iron and coal from the ground. A mine must be placed on a hillside. Once built, miners need to be assigned to work in the mine.

Mines take more work to produce iron than collecting it from the landscape. However, it is the only way to produce iron (other than through trading) after the loose ore on the ground has been collected.

Mines have a limited amount of material that can be extracted. Once a material is depleted, the mine will no longer be useable. Mines cannot be fully removed. The building can be taken down, but the area that the mine occupied will never be available for future use.

Mines are dangerous - the chance of workers dying in a mining accident is higher than any other profession.

Building info[]

Mine detail.png
Clicking on a mine will display specific information about the building.
  • Work - This button will disable or enable the mining of iron or coal from the mine.
  • Iron Limit / Coal Limit - These values can be adjusted. Once the limits are reached, the mine will no longer produce resources.
  • Product - This button allows the player to select the type of resource (Iron or Coal) to be extracted at the building.