Banished Let's Play 1 - Population Growth, Nomads = Smallpox "Outbreak"

Banished Let's Play 1 - Population Growth, Nomads = Smallpox "Outbreak"



The Nomads are a group of citizens that migrate to your town from a neighboring region. To activate the randomized timer for which The Nomads spawn, you need to build a Town Hall. The minimum time to pass before Nomads arrive is 1 year. After the Nomads arrive you will see that under the Nomads tab there will be a notification, stating that they have arrived and are waiting for approval.

Accepting Edit

To accept/decline the Nomads into your town or city, you first need to build a Town Hall. After build your Town Hall you need to click on it, a window should than pop-up with an overview of your town. If you look at all the tabs you will see that there is a Nomads tab, Click on this and decide what you want to do with them.


Pro's (*in some cases*)Edit

  • Raises your total population
  • Gives you more Laborers to help bring in the food or other materials
  • Helps stabalize your town after the 1st generation families start to die of old age*
  • Bring different goods from their starting destination


  • Bring new diseases 
  • Can unbalance your town's population, food intake, or other material usage