Banished Wiki
Type: Resource Production
Required resources 80 Logs,
40 Stone

Resources.png Rarr.svg Quarries.png A Quarry is used to cut stone from the ground. A quarry needs to be placed in a large flat area. Once built, stonecutters will work in the quarry, digging it deeper and deeper while producing stone.

Quarries take more work to produce stone than collecting it from the landscape. However it is the only way to produce stone - other than through trading - after the loose stone on the ground has been collected.

Quarries have a limited amount of material that can be removed from them. Once it is gone, the quarry will no longer be useable.

Quarries cannot be removed. After the quarry is no longer useful, the building can be taken down, but the hole that has been dug in the quarry won't ever be available for any other use.

Quarries are dangerous - the chance of workers dying in a accident is higher than any other profession.

Building info[]

Quarry detail.png
The quarry detail will show the details and how much material is left in the quarry.
  • Stone Limit - This setting adjusts the resource limit. Once the limit is reached, no more stone will be produced.
  • Work - This button will disable or enable the mining or stone from the quarry.