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The resource production toolbar allows you to construct buildings which create resources that the population needs.

Clothes can be made by a tailor, tools can be made by a blacksmith, and firewood can be made by a woodcutter. Other buildings produce resources from the land, such as finding herbs in the forest to increase health and mining the land for stone, iron or coal.

Resource production toolbar.png
Woodcutter.png Wood cutter: Build a wood cutter to chop logs into firewood.
Forester.png Forester lodge: Build a forester to plant and cut down trees.
Herbs.png Herbalist: Build an herbalist to collect herbs and provide medicine.
Blacksmiths.png Blacksmith: Build a blacksmith to create tools from logs, coal, and iron.
Tailors.png Tailor: Build a tailor to make clothes from leather and wool.
Taverns.png Tavern: Build a tavern to provide happiness to citizens.
Mines.png Mine: Build a mine to dig iron or coal from the ground.
Quarries.png Quarry: Build a quarry to cut stone from the ground.