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School House
School House.png
Type: Town Services
Required resources 50 Logs
16 Stones and
16 Iron
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Schools are used to increase the education of citizens. Educated citizens will produce more resources in any profession they may be assigned to.

A school house requires a teacher to be assigned as a worker before children can be educated. A school can only educate 20 students at once. You'll need more than one school house and teacher to educate larger populations.

When a child grows up and reaches the age of 10 where he or she could work, if there is space in a school that is staffed by a teacher, they'll become a student for several years. After a certain amount of schooling, they'll become educated workers.

The general age of graduation is 16–18 years. It can go upto 23 years on account of the student house being very far from the school house.

If a child doesn't have a school to attend, they'll become an uneducated worker, having missed their chance to be educated.

If a teacher is removed from a school while students are attending it, the students will try to find another school to attend. If there is no school for them, they will become general laborers that aren't educated.

Clicking on the school house will show how many students are being educated in the school.

Clicking on the work button will enable or disable education at the school. If work is not occurring, no students will be educated at the school house.

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