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Stone House
Stone House.png
Type: Housing
Required resources 24 Logs
40 Stones and
10 Iron
Stone house footprint.png

A stone house works exactly the same way that a wooden house does. The house provides the occupants with warmth and shelter, a place to raise a family, and a place to store goods that they use. Stone homes require more resources to build than wooden houses but they use fuel more efficiently.

A family will stock their home with food and fuel to keep themselves well fed and warm. As the family grows, children that reach adult age will start looking for their own home and a spouse. Unless empty homes are available, the will continue to live with their parents.

When there is no fuel to heat a home, or no food for the occupants to eat, status icons will appear above the home.

Hungry.png There is no food in the home.
Cold.png There is no fuel in the home for heating.

When either icon appears, you should focus on producing more food or fuel as starvation and freezing may occur.

Clicking on a stone house will display the occupants that live in the house, their gender, age, and profession.

Pressing one of the focus buttons will move the view to the selected citizen and show their details.

Pressing the Inventory button will display what is stored in the home, which consists of food to eat and fuel to heat the home.

Stone house detail.png

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