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Type: Resource Production
Required resources 32 Logs
48 Stones and
16 Iron
Tailor (building) footprint.png

A tailor can make clothing for the citizens of the town. Citizens can stay outside longer in cold weather if they have good clothing. It also makes them happier. Clothing wears out after several years and needs to be replaced.

When the tailor is low on the materials needed to make clothes, he or she will travel to the nearest storage barn that has them and bring them back to the building. The tailor will then craft clothing.

After clothes have been made, the tailor or a general laborer will pick up the clothes and move them to the nearest storage barn.

Clicking on a tailors building will show the current inventory and other details.

The Clothing Limit control sets the clothing resource limit. Once the limit is reached, no more clothing will be produced.

The tailor can make several types of clothing. You can change the type of clothing by selecting a different item using the product button.

Hide Coats require leather to make.
Wool Coats require wool to make.
Warm Coats require both leather and wool. They are twice as warm as either leather or wool coats, allowing citizens to stay warm outside much longer.

Pressing the work button will disable or enable the crafting of clothing at the building.

Tailor detail.png