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Type: Resource Production
Required resources 52 Logs
12 Stones and
20 Iron
Tavern footprint.png

Taverns can be placed in a town to increase the happiness of the citizens that live near them. The happiness bonus is only applied to taverns that have a stock of ale.

A brewer works at a tavern and is required to ferment wheat and fruits into ale.

When the tavern is low on the materials needed to make ale, the brewer will travel to the nearest storage barn that has them and bring them back to the building. They will then begin fermenting the resource into ale.

After ale has been made, it will be stored in the tavern for idle citizens to enjoy.

Clicking on a tavern building will show the current inventory and other details.

The Alcohol Limit control sets the ale resource limit. Once the limit is reached, no more ale will be produced.

You can change the type of ale produced by selecting a different item using the product button. The brewer can make ale by fermenting one of the following:


Pressing the work button will disable or enable the fermenting of all at the building.

Tavern details.png