Banished Wiki
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The tools and reports menu allows you to hide and show various interface elements, and manage your town by assigning workers to specific professions, limiting resource productions, and changing work priority.

Status.png Status bar: Shows the season, population, and amounts of stored inventory.
Events.png Event log: Shows events such as births, deaths, and arrival of traders.
Map.png Town map: Shows an overhead map of the area.
Professions.png Professions: Assign workers to professions.
Limits.png Resource limits: Set limits to stop production when storage is full.
Priority.png Priority tool: Increases the priority of work at a location.
Path.png Path tool: View paths that workers take from work to home.
Camera.png Camera locations: Save and restore camera views for fast navigation.
Townfocus.png Focus Town Hall: Focus on the town hall and show its details.
Help.png Help: Shows the reference guide.