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Town Hall
Town Hall.png
Type: Town Services
Required resources 62 Logs
124 Stones and
48 Iron

A town hall can be built to record data about the town that isn't otherwise available. You can see overviews of the population, education, clothing, health, happiness, workers, workplaces, resource limits, production over time, acquired seeds and livestock, town inventory, and graphs of population and resources over time.

The town hall also allows you to invite or deny citizenship to nomads that may request entry to the town.

Town hall overview

Town hall overview.png

Clicking on the town hall will show a general overview of the town.

The status column shows general statistics about the town. THe professions column allows you to assign profession in the same manner that the profession tool does. It also shows how many jobs are available in each profession as well as how many work locations there are. The goto button will focus and cycle through the workplaces.