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Town Hall
Town Hall.png
Type: Town Services
Required resources 62 Logs
124 Stones and
48 Iron
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A town hall can be built to record data about the town that isn't otherwise available. You can see overviews of the population, education, clothing, health, happiness, workers, workplaces, resource limits, production over time, acquired seeds and livestock, town inventory, and graphs of population and resources over time.

The town hall also allows you to invite or deny citizenship to nomads that may request entry to the town.

Town hall overview

Clicking on the town hall will show a general overview of the town.

The status column shows general statistics about the town. The professions column allows you to assign profession in the same manner that the profession tool does. It also shows how many jobs are available in each profession as well as how many work locations there are. The goto button will focus and cycle through the workplaces.

Town hall overview.png

Town hall production

Town hall production.png
The Production tab shows production of different resource types. You can use this information to check and make sure that the production of resources isn't being outpaced by the use of them.
  • The Limit column allows you to set resource limits in the same manner as the limit tool.
  • The Current column shows how many resources of each type are currently in storage.
  • The Used column shows how many resources of each type have been used by the town during the current year.
  • The Produced column shows how many resources of each type have been produced by the town during the current year.
  • The Used(1yrs) column shows how many units of each type resource hae been used over the previous years. The number of years can be changed using the Display dropdown.
  • The Produced(1yrs) column shows how many units of each resource type have been produced over the previous years. The number of years can be changed using the Display dropdown.

Town hall inventory

Town hall inventory.png
The Inventory tab shows total inventory for each resource. By default the inventory shows items in markets, stock piles, and storage barns. You can also change the display to show inventory stored in trading posts or inventory stored in wood and stone homes.

You can also sort the inventory alphabetically, or by quantity.

Town hall graphs

Town hall graphs.png
The Graphs tab shows graphs of various town values over time. the graphs an be useful to visualize any increase or decrease in goods over the years, and can give you an idea of what resource may need more or less production.

You can view graphs of:

  • Total population, number of adults, students, and children
  • Citizen health, happiness, education, and clothing
  • Food
  • Logs
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Firewood
  • Coal
  • Tools
  • Herbs
  • Clothing
  • Alcohol

You can change the time range to view the data over 1 to 100 years.

Town hall nomad tab

Town hall nomads.png
The Nomads tab shows the current state of nomads in the town. When nomads arrive you can either allow or deny citizenship to them. Allowing nomads into the town can boost the population quickly, but they can also bring an increased chance of disease to the town.

You may want to build boarding houses to house nomads when you accept them into your town so that they have a temporary place to live until you can build them proper homes.

Town hall trade items

Town hall trade.png
The Trade Items tab shows seeds and livestock that have been acquired at the trading post. This allows you to visualize which seeds you've bought, and how many are remaining.
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